Music Production for Beginners

By Abhishek Saxena

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What is music production? What is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)? Begin with learning the basic interface to get yourself started with FL Studio.

Channel Rack is where you make beats and melodies, piano roll is where you arrange musical notes, and playlist is where you turn them into a song. Tune in to learn all of that in detail.

What is a synthesizer? How to get yourself started with a synthesizer?

How to automate parameters? Learn the process in detail.

Learn everything you need to get started with equalisers.

What is a compressor? How does it work? Learn the basics you need to know to start working with compressors.

Reverb and delay can make a less intimidating element/instrument sound interesting, learn the basics to get yourself started.

Combine your knowledge and project it on your first song!1. Introduction to Music Production and getting started with FL Studio

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