About Us

Who We Are

WayOutCareers is an E-learning platform created for improvising the standards of unconventional learning in India. These unconventional fields include Dance, Music, Painting, Coding and a lot of creative and awesome stuff.

Our Mission

Since the digital revolution in India, a lot of E-learning platforms have surfaced training students for Engineering and Medical Entrances. But we haven’t seen any platform working towards the unconventional fields which often students face difficulty in pursuing. We at WayOutCareers would collaborate with instructors all around the country and create courses for students at affordable costs. Starting from beginner level courses, we would be coming up with advanced courses to help students excel in these fields. 

With the introduction of New Education Policy in India, the focus will be shifting towards making students aware of technology. In such situations, we aim to help students get started with coding at ease and very cheap prices. Everyone has the right to learn, and we aim to do it at the lowest costs possible. 

Courses created on our portal would give a classroom-like feeling, as we have a lot of features like workshops, quizzes and assignments in many courses created. An internal chat system within the portal makes it easy for students to interact with each other as well as the instructors.

Simply put in a few words, “ We aim to help students pursue and explore interests Anytime, Anywhere!”

Our Vision and Goals

In the coming times, as we progress and prosper, we aim to help students make careers beyond courses. Students will be mentored by some of the best content creators across the country and help them make great careers.