Learn Caricature the right way!

By Mitesh Pradhan

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Why learn Portrait Drawing?

  • Caricature is the exaggeration of dominant elements in a particular figure. It is a creative way to display a figure in a humurous way.
  • Practicing the experiments done in these sessions and performing various experiments by an individual will surely lead to better understanding and observation skills.
  • There are many phenomena to create an impeccable Caricature which are, exaggeration, proportions, individual elements, character, rendering/coloring and much more.
  • Portrait is one of the simplest way to portray the uniqueness of each figure existing on the earth.
  • The instructor , as an Artist and an Illustrator, keeps emphasis on implanting various skills and techniques in every individual who has the potential to touch the sky.
  • This course will surely enlighten your creative minds.
  • Free mentorship from the instructor from our internal chat system!

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