Guitar for Beginners

By Mohit Jain

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Physical overview of the guitar, understanding strings and frets (nomenclature), guitar tuning, playing individual notes on guitar.

First beginner chord (E Minor), concept of 4 bars and counting, tips for good strumming, two beginner strumming patterns

Learning the most popular song (complete melody) on the guitar, understanding open notes and fretted notes, practicing the melody.

What are guitar tabs, understanding and reading guitar tabs, learning a song on guitar tabs.

Understanding Guitar Chords, Learning most important Open Chords (major and minor).

Learning most popular and versatile strumming pattern, Music notes – Important Theory

Using Capo on the guitar, Practicing chord progression, Chord transitions – Challenges and tips

Popular Songs/Mashups on basic guitar chords

An overview of how to continue practicing after the course.

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