Learn Script Calligraphy

By Nikita Kapoor

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Before getting getting started, here is a quick overview of all our tool and how to use them right so that they can be used for a longer duration.

Calligraphy is all about compiling your strokes with precise knowledge of pressure and angles of your strokes. Talking all about basic strokes and their importance. Why you should work with strokes and not continuous curves.

How to use metal pens. All about angles and strokes. Where to use metal pens.

How to write letters with strokes and not continuous curves. How to break letters in part to make it look clean and crisp.

There is a thin line difference in writing and calligraphy. Some simple tricks to up your calligraphy game to make it look more professional and clean.

How you turn letters like there are coming out of your canvas. Some easy tricks. How to make it different from basic calligraphy.

What are the ornaments to calligraphy. How and where to use them. How to convert simple calligraphy into an artwork.

Revising and brushing our new skill. Talking about different experiments that you can do. If you have doubts where to go?

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