Guitar from Scratch

By Ved Prabhu

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Finger exercising for holding chords ?
How to tune the guitar?
Tujhe dekha toh ye single string exercise

How to hold E major chord?
How to hold A major chord?
How to shift between the two?

How to play DDUUDD ?
Using E major and A major in the pattern
Song – pehli nazar mein & kabira, robaroo

how to play Em chord?

How to play D major chord?
How to play C major chord?
Shifting between the three?

Using this pattern to shift chord Em,D&C
Using this to play PANI DA RANG

How to play G major?
How to play Am?
How to play F major?
How to shift between these chords?

Using both the above strumming pattern in these chords
Playing chahun mein yaa nah and gulabi aankhein

Popular Songs/Mashups on basic guitar chords

An overview of how to continue practicing after the course.

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