Popping for Beginners

By Yash Khandelwal

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*Basic knowledge about popping dance style.
*What is a pop/hit?
*How to do a pop?

*Wrist pops.
*Forearm pops.
*Biceps and triceps pops.

*Neck pops.
*Chest pops.
*Knee pops.

*What are double pops?
*Advantages of double pops.
*Double pops with different speeds.

*What are poses?
*Different variations of poses.
*Advantages of poses.

*Meaning of Dime stops.
*How to do it?
*Why is it one of the most important techniques in popping?

*First foundational move of this course.
*What is fresno?
*How to do it?

*Another foundational move of popping
*What is it and how to do it?

An overview of how to continue practicing after the course.

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